Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Affections: Reagann + Joel

This wedding had a lot of "firsts" for me...

~first cardboard cut out of the Father of the Bride,
~first "Wedding Cake Decorating Contest",
~first "Bride & Groom" quiz game
~first bridal party in Toms,
~first time I wanted to play "match-maker" for the groomsmen 
because they were all so sweet and precious,
~first time the bride made her own wedding cake (she's a pastry-maker for the Ritz, WHAT?!)
~first time I've ever heard Alisia say "this is my favorite wedding EVER!" (but that may have been because she was 8 months pregnant and salivating over the plate of food she was about to devour.  =)


She actually said it was because everyone made her feel so welcomed, and everyone was so friendly, that she had no hint of stress!  
So thank you Reagann + Joel, and your friends and family, for providing such a lovely atmosphere for my pregnant friend and I!

i love the look Evan is giving Joel, as Joel watches his Bride walk down the aisle.

 hahaha!  Evan's "applause-o-meter".  love it.

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  1. Seriously one of the cutest weddings I've ever seen! Great job Alisia and Valerie!!

    Betsy (Alisia's friend)