Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Collaborations: Jessica

Jessica is a dear friend of Alisia and I.  
She and her hubby Gerrid adopted a little boy from Ethiopia last year.  
And now they anticipate the arrival of their second baby boy; but this time biologically!  
Check out how beautiful she is....

This maternity shoot with our friend Jessica was so ridiculously fun!
She was absolutely radiant with anticipation for her second son!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Collaborations: On the Farm

I think Val and I would both agree that our children are our favorite subjects.  So we loaded up one morning for some "farm" fun at Val's mom's house.  This day was the trifecta of favorites for my daughters: being outside, playing with Noah, and chasing chickens.

Since this shoot was at my parents house, we felt right at home.  Noah showed Emi and Avery all of his favorite things to do.  ie. Ride the horse, play on the tire swing, hold the chickens, etc.  
It was so sweet to photograph our kids in such a wholesome setting at such a tender age.  We will always cherish these images as their mommies.