Friday, July 27, 2012

Val & Al

Welcome to our new blog!  We are friends, mothers, and photographers. 
We're starting this NEW blog to share all of the fun projects we collaborate on.  We were inspired to begin this venture after realizing 
we play off each other well, have more creative energy when both of our camera's are out, 
and because, basically... it's way more fun when we're together!

She's my best friend.  
She doesn't realize how talented she really is.
In other words, she's extremely humble.
She's also hilarious, which makes our time together so much fun.
We affectionately refer to each other as "sister-wife".
It's our dream to live together one day, with our hubbies and brood of children.
But until then... working together is the next best thing.

She is the only person who's back door I walk into unannounced... like four times a week.
She is so funny she makes me wet my pants... even when I'm not pregnant.
She took me under her photography wing,
when words like shutter speed and aperture were not part of my vocabulary.
She is generous, compassionate, and makes a mean chicken salad.
Photography is at least 12 times more fun when we get to do it together.

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