Monday, August 13, 2012

Suggestions: Newborn Shoots

We both looove to shoot newborns! Our latest collaboration (with precious baby Mia) was awesome, not just because she was ridiculously calm and has a super cute room she shares with her big bro, but because (of course) we got to shoot it together! Newborns can be tricky, so before we show you the end result, we thought we'd share a few helpful suggestions for how to get the best shots of your sweet little newborn.

Take baby's outfit off about an hour before photos start so there aren't red lines on their skin from any tight pieces of clothing.

Make it warm!  (yeah, dying of heat exhaustion over here...)

Don't forget to try a new angle.

 We like to use our 50mm or 85mm lens for these type of portraits.  (Hey, check it out... I'm pregnant and balding!) 

Feed baby as often as needed.

Have personal pieces involved in the shoot for nostalgia's sake.

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