Monday, January 28, 2013

Affections: John + Amy

John & Amy...
You are such a lovely couple.  You're both hilarious, and sweet.  A true pleasure to work with!
I so appreciated the love you have for each other; the love I saw from your family and friends; and your laid back attitudes at such a potentially hectic and chaotic event.  
You enjoyed your wedding as every bride and groom should!
Thank you for giving me the honor of shooting this "celebrity" wedding.  ;)

John and Amy met on John's morning show "Twin Cities Live" when Amy (a professional ballroom dance instructor) was paired with John for a local version of "Dancing with the Stars." 
They obviously hit it off!
Alisia asked Amy to do an impression of what she THINKS John acted like in his photos.  We swear she did not see the photo on the left prior to doing this impersonation on the right.  =)
The mother/son dance was adorable!  They danced to "Sweet Caroline" (who doesn't love to sing along to that jam? right?)  The audience loved it!

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  1. Hi,

    Here is the first cut of the video trailer of the wedding. No worries it is only 60 seconds.

    Can't wait to update it with good photos!