Monday, September 3, 2012

Reflections: Alisia's Birth!

This labor/birth was such a dream, for a photographer...
-Shooting a family who is so dear to my heart (Anchored Joy's other half)
-Bright natural light from the huge hospital room windows
-4 hours of labor & pushing (very short)
-Pretty much, a professional birthing mama (3rd baby)

Way to go Alisia!  I'm so proud of you!  
And I am so happy you got that 3rd baby you were craving so badly.  =)

Pitocin + broken water = "get me an epidural!"

Epidural's in, and everyone's cheery!
Ok, epidural didn't COMPLETELY work.  Alisia still needed to breath through contractions.  

 10 cm ... it's go time...

Mom, sister, and cousin waited behind the curtain during the pushing stage.
 here comes baby!
Alisia's JOY

Those pesky contractions don't stop just because the baby's out...

Emotional hug from cousin Hannah...
 Alisia wanted to see her placenta.  I love these reactions.

 such a cutie...but what's her name???

 first bath...
 Sister's visit!